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Security is our Top Priority

With a daily trading volume of over 30 billion dollars, Starfish FX stands as one of the largest growing brokerages in the world and is recognized as an exemplary of the highest standards in the Forex Industry. As a registered entity, Starfish FX makes conscious effort to be in consistent compliance with regulatory laws. Punctual submission of financial statements to authorities, readiness to comply with supervisory checks and an outstanding track record with zero complaints has not only allowed Starfish FX to earn the trust of the regulatory board, but also hailed as one of the most reliable brokerage by traders worldwide.

Starfish FX adopts a multipronged approach so you can always have peace of mind trading on one of the world’s safest platform.

Our Regulatory Compliance

Vanuatu Financial Services Commission

Starfish FX is a holder of a Principal’s License issued pursuant to the provisions of the Dealers in Securities (Licensing) Act [Cap 70 of the laws of Vanuatu] under the hand of the Minister of Finance and Economic Management of the Republic of Vanuatu.


Vanuatu Deputy Commissioner of VFSC

Notarised Dealers in securities
principal’s license

The International Financial Commission

Starfish FX is a category A full fledged member of The International Financial Commission, an external dispute resolution (EDR) organization for consumers/traders who are unable to resolve disputes with financial services providers that are members of the Financial Commission. The Financial Commission sets out to provide a new approach for traders and brokers alike to resolve any issues that arise in the course of trading the Forex market. The Financial Commission was established to be a neutral 3rd party committee to fairly review and resolve complaints in an effort to facilitate a simpler, swifter resolution than through industry regulators and the legal system.

Regulator website – The Financial Commission


Participating members of the Financial Commission

Segregated Funds

Starfish follows all necessary steps to ensure that clients' funds are deposited in accounts are completely separated from the operational funds of the company and are held in top-tier banks. For this reason, clients' funds are fully segregated and under the legal framework of the regulatory body, cannot be used for any other purposes. You can have peace of mind with the knowledge that we go to great lengths to protecting all our clients and partners. By segregating clients’ funds from company’s funds, we can ensure that in the event of an insolvency, under no circumstance will your money it be used to pay off creditors.

Our Liquidity Providers

An integral part of Starfish FX’s performance excellence is derived from reliable liquidity providers. Our partners include top tier one banks such as HSBC and Deutsche Bank as well as reputed Multilateral trading facilities such as LMAX and Sucden Financial.

Sucden Financial was formed in 1973 as the London brokerage arm of Sucres & Denrées (Sucden Group), the firm has since evolved into one of the largest brokers for traders, fabricators, producers, consumers, investment houses, hedge funds, commodity firms and high net worth individuals. It is a Ring Dealing/ Category 1 member of the London Metal Exchange (LME) and has access to every major exchange worldwide, offering clients fast, direct access to global electronic markets.

LMAX Exchange is the first FSA (Financial Services Authority) regulated MTF for Forex. It is registered in England under FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) regulation and is partially owned by Goldman Sachs.

By establishing long term working relationships with reputable partners, Starfish FX is dedicated in the provision of an extraordinary trading experience for all our valued clients on a global scale, through an internationally recognised, world class platform.