Strategic Partners

One of the most important goals of Starfish FX is to create a network of affiliates throughout the world. Execution of this aim is based on the development of a flexible and well thought-out Referral/Introducing Broker-Program and White Label Solutions Program that allows our regional partners to partake in this highly profitable business.

The IB-program is developed to enable commission sharing with qualified affiliate partners (both corporate and private) for referring clients to Starfish FX. Our White Label Solutions Program is ideal for companies that wish to get started in the world of FOREX by owning their own business, while we provide them a complete turnkey solution based on our expertise, branding and global channels. We, at Starfish FX highly value our regional partners and our revenue sharing scheme is one of the highest, if not the most lucrative in the industry.

Those who would like to be our Regional Representatives (Introducing Brokers or White Label Partners) can contact us at [email protected]. One of our specialists will contact you and where needed, Starfish FX can assist partners with advertising and web design.