The Starfish VIP Club



Exclusive to the most elite traders, the Starfish VIP club membership is by invitation only. Embark on a trading journey like none other, tailored to your specific needs by the Starfish VIP Concierge team. Expect nothing less than royal treatment and behold an exciting, monetarily rewarding, eventful and enriching experience that awaits you at the Starfish VIP Club – The Club of Champions.

How to qualify for invitation as a Starfish VIP?

To be a Starfish VIP, you must first achieve an “Accredited” investor status by satisfying requirements of net worth, income as well as professional experience in trading. The following is the basic guideline.

1. Deposit Criterion: Net deposit of 100,000 USD and above.

2. Trading Volume Criterion:

  • Forex
  • Achieve a trading volume of 100 lots of FX/Metals per month for 6 consecutive months.

  • forex derivatives
  • Achieve a trading volume 10 times of your deposit amount every month for 6 consecutive months. Example: A deposit of 100,000 USD would result in a trading volume requirement of 1,000,000 USD per month. You will have to continuously achieve this volume for the next 6 months. If on the 3rd month you make another deposit of 50,000USD, your new trading volume requirement will be 1,500,000 USD per month for the remaining months.

3. Once in place, the trading volume requirements will not decrease.

4. Traders who have fulfilled these criteria can email [email protected] for an account upgrade to enjoy the VIP benefits.

5. Note that further assessments may be required to satisfy the “Accredited” investor status.

Exclusive VIP Privileges

1. VIP Interest Earnings

– Earn up to 2.5% interest p.a on your available margin!

– See your interest grow and compounded on a daily basis in your MT4 Account!

Terms & Conditions

– Interest is calculated automatically by an existing algorithm subjected to change based on prevailing interest rates.

In order to qualify and receive interest for the next quarter, you must complete the following criteria during the current quarter (3months period).

   – 120 standard lots for FOREX trading

   – 500,000 USD of volume for FOREX DERIVATIVES trading

– You have to maintain the VIP status in order to receive interest.

– Terms subjected to change based on Company’s discretion and Company’s decision is final.


2. Brand New VIP Birthday Month Incentives

– Get $2 USD cash rebate for every lot traded for your entire birthday month!


View our Starfish VIP E-Brochure to discover your exclusive entitlements as a Starfish Royalty.