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Experience all the excitement, simplicity and profitability of Forex derivatives trading packed into our brand new APP – Starfish Derivatives Champions Game!

Note: Currently, you will require a local china Handphone number in order to register in-game. We will soon extend this service to international clients.

Real Life Simulation

With its design based on actual historical chart movements but modified for greater intensity and faster paced action, the Starfish Derivatives Champions Game will provide you an idea of what real forex derivatives trading is all about with absolutely no risk! Analyze the charts, decide a direction and profit! It really is that simple!


Stand to Win Amazing Prizes

Are you the true forex derivatives Champion? Pit your derivatives trading skills with traders all around and see where you rank on our leaderboard!

Download and start practicing your forex derivatives trading today for you may stand to win amazing prizes as a Top Trader in the very near future!


Derivatives Championship at The 12th Shanghai Money Fair

As the ambassador of innovative technologies and the industry’s first broker that offers MT4 forex derivatives, Starfish held its inaugural Derivatives Championships at the 12th Shanghai Money Fair with roaring success.

With amazing prizes to be won, the crowd poured in and in no time were addicted to the intuitive trading experience that Forex derivatives presented. Even those with absolutely no financial background began profiting within the short 1 hour competition. The competition concluded with our grand champion trader who flipped more than 800% in 60mins with a total profit of $70,000!


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Free to Download

The Starfish Derivatives Champions Game App is absolutely free to download and available for both android and apple devices.

Simple scan the QR codes below, download, install and begin profiting!


If you are unable to scan, simple input the follow link in your phone browser to download :

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Experience Risk Free

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