Forex Trade Booster Packages


To apply for the Trade Booster Packages, simply :

1) Create a Live Account as per normal.

2) Fund in minimum 5000 USD as per normal.

3) Email us at [email protected] indicating your Live Account Number as well as stating 'I opt for the Trade Booster Package'. Please ensure that you have read and understood the terms and conditions.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Each newly registered account is eligible to a 1 time purchase of Trade Booster Packages.
  2. Subsequent fund-ins to the account will be considered regular fund-ins with no bonus credits or package benefits unless otherwise stated in future promotions.
  3. Terms related to usage of credit are as follows:i. Credits are for trading only and are not readily withdraw-able unless converted to equityii. Credits are not transferrable under any circumstances

    iii. During trading, profits/losses will only affect equity, credits will only be affected by conversion

    iv. For every 1 standard lot traded, 5 credits are converted to equity

    v. Total credit conversion will be calculated at the end of every month based on standard lots traded

    vi. Credits which have been converted to equity will be treated as regular equity and withdraw-able

    vii. When your equity is below 10% of your credit amount, there will be a quota imposed on credit conversion to equity. You are required to trade enough lots to convert at least 5% of remaining credit to equity within the month. If you are unable to fulfill this requirement, your credit conversion would be accumulated to the following month and you will not receive your converted equity at month end.

    viii. In the event that your equity reaches negative, credits will be used for trading.

    ix. Profitable trades resulting from credit trading will add profits to current equity balance.

  4. Minimum trading requirement for each Trade Booster Packagei. 5K package – 30 trading lotsii. 10K package – 60 trading lots

    iii. 30K package – 200 trading lots

    iv. 50K package – 360 trading lots

  5. If any form of withdrawals occur before minimum trading requirements are met, all credits will be void.
  6. Booster Packages Promotional Bundles are as follows :i. 5K package – Daily newsletter + Education Portal Full Access + Starfish Starters’ Kitii. 10K package – Above mentioned + Advanced Analytical Software + Starfish Expert Advisor

    iii. 30K package – Above mentioned + Exclusive Starfish Collectibles + Starfish Polo T-shirt

    iv. 50K package – Above mentioned + VIP Status + Tablet PC / Overseas trip

  7. Booster Packages Promotional Bundles are subjected to changes without prior notifications.