Alpha Asia 2012

Alpha Asia 2012

These are times when the global economy is undergoing major transformations, and the economic outlook is full of uncertainties. The inaugural Alpha-Asia 2012 will serve as a beacon of light for investors in these uncertain times, providing investors with alpha opportunities in trending and creative industries in tomorrow’s Asia.

International media term the 21st Century as the “Asian Century” and “China’s Era”; an optimistic view, but how is Asia supposed to tread this route of sustainable development? How to invest in trending and creative industries? What is the best way to invest in Asia and China? The inaugural Alpha-Asia 2012 is bound to draw eyes from Governments, Economists, Financial and Investment Institutions, and Enterprises from around the world.

Alpha Asia 2012

Starfish’s growing clientele base and rapid expansion in the Asia Pacific region has given us the privilege to becoming the event’s main partner and the only Forex Brokerage to be offered exclusive invitation.

In addition, as part of our Starfish VIP Club incentive, VIP clients will be flown in to Singapore to attend this prestigious event and to meet legendary investor Mr. Jim Rogers up close and personal.

Beyond forex, Starfish FX offers you a holistic trading experience, one that is enriching in both knowledge and wealth.


  Date: 3rd December 2012 (Starfish Recognition Dinner on 4th)

  Venue: Resorts World Sentosa

Alpha Asia 2012