Shanghai Money Fair 2015

Starfish FX – Raising the bar for the entire industry. Again.

Every November, brokers from all around the world gather in Shanghai, China’s financial hub, alongside major local financial institutions and banks for a brilliant showcase of innovative product offerings and technological prowess to capture the interest of Chinese audiences at China’s largest and most reputed Shanghai Money Fair. With an ever increasing scale, this year’s 13th Shanghai Money Fair was again a resounding success, engaging hundreds of thousands of investors in a short span of 2.5 days.

Last year, Starfish FX had the entire expo talking with our Forex derivatives tournament that had audiences compete live for cash and prizes of over $300,000! Coupled with our giant wheel of fortune, both our indoor and outdoor booths were packed to the brim with enquiring customers. Just when no one could imagine greater success an at expo, Starfish outdid itself once again at this year’s Money Fair 2015.

The largest booth in the history of Money Fair

At a whopping 253.5m2 in size, the Starfish booth is one of the largest single booth ever erected in the 13 years of Money Fair history. Spanning an entire hallway complete with a 30 seater seminar room, 9 private meeting cubicles and a 5m LED display, it was definitely a sight to behold.

The overwhelming response we had in 2014 has taught as well that a large spacious booth and adequate manpower was necessary to best serve the interests of all visiting clients. However it seems the deployment of 40 full time staff were still unable to meet the demands of such an enthusiastic crowd!


Our Stellar Quality – Utmost Sincerity

Closing it on nearly 200 seminars all across China for the month of November, it is evident that our Specialized forex derivatives Educational Seminars have gained immense popularity and demand has literally tripled in just 2015 alone. 200 seminars equate an average of 7 seminars every single day for a combined crowd of more than a thousand participants. Most importantly, these seminars empower our traders with the essential skills to excel at Forex derivatives and they are absolutely free!.

Now, which broker dedicates such vast amounts of manpower and resources to provide high quality, localized and personalized value added services to all clients? This is what we mean by Starfish Sincerity and it is no doubt that this genuine sincerity has brought us a long way coming. Going the extra mile to ensure every trader is well equipped with the knowledge to profit has garnered us the continued support and patronage of our valued traders.


This same spirit to constantly inspire our traders to improve and achieve greater results can also be seen at the expo. Our team of expert trainers joined us on site to conduct insightful seminars to explore the opportunities of Forex derivatives trading with the crowd. Our comprehensive syllabus, real life trading scenarios and hands on techniques allowed even the most inexperienced traders to understand how to trade Forex derivatives in a mere hour. Simplifying the complications of trading and creating a profitable regime is our core focus and also our success formula.


Embark on your journey to financial freedom with Starfish FX

Trading is a great tool to amass wealth but the same water that floats the boat can sink it. Thus, it is ever so important to choose the right broker that shares your values and goals. If you were not able to make it to Shanghai to learn from our experts, fret not. With hundreds of seminars every month we are bound to be in your area very soon. Click here to keep yourself updated of our latest schedules and join in the excitement as we earn USD live before your very eyes!

Money Fair 2015 Photo Highlights


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Figure Finance Interview


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