Neteller Deposit Guide

Step 1: Login to your Neteller account at Neteller homepage (
Step 2: Select “Money out” > “Deposit to another site” > “Deposit now” as shown in the image below


Step 3: Enter Starfish Merchant Transfer Code “STAR7417” as shown in the image below
Step 4: Click on “Continue” button


Step 5: Enter “Starfish Markets Limited” as shown in the image below.
Step 6: Enter your Neteller Secure ID and Amount to be transferred.
Step 7: Enter Starfish Merchant Account ID “45072” as shown in the image below.
Step 8: Click on “Continue” button once all details are entered correctly.


Step 9: Follow on screen instruction to confirm the deposit.
Step 10: Upon completion, Select "History".
Step 11: Select transaction "Starfish Markets Limited".
Step 12: Take a screenshot of the Transaction details in the thick bold red box and forward it to [email protected], Subject: Neteller Deposit.