Shanghai Expo 2013 Introduction


Happening right in the heart of China’s Financial Center, Shanghai, is the most highly anticipated financial event of 2013 – The ninth Investment Management Financial Fair. This event will be a marvelous showcase of industry leaders In the finance and investment field, as well as a platform to foster collaboration between foreign and local firms.

Impressive response from previous event

Event Origin

In response to the strategy of ‘Employment through Entrepreneurship’ envisioned by  the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, this event will be an opportunity to display distinctive competitive edge in the financial arena both for local leaders as well as international giants.

Having accumulated an impressive database of outstanding brands as well as all rounded media coverage of TV, Internet and print led by CCTV, this is an event definitely not to be missed!

Invited as the Exclusive Event Partner, Starfish FX will showcase its distinguishing standards that stem from its core competencies, offered through a unique blend of products and services that provide clients with a holistic trading experience.

Join us at the expo and Learn how to be the STAR, in an industry of keen competition.