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ZuluTrade is a social trading platform that will allow you to create and manage your own investment portfolio by selecting from a talented pool of signal providers across the globe and allowing their real time trades to be executed in your very own trading account.

A fully flexible Automated System

  • Choose from a vast library of signal providers
  • Intuitive classification system and advanced search feature to select your optimal signal provider
  • Analyze performance metrics and detailed charts for enhanced and more focused selections
  • Web interface enables signals execution without having to turn on the computer
  • You have full control of your ZuluTrade account, including the choice of automatic and independent (manual) trade
  • Automatic trading around the clock so as not to miss trade opportunities.

Imagine having your very own team of professional traders who offer you their TIME, EXPERIENCE & TRADE ENTRIES.

That is what the Starfish ZuluTrader offers YOU.

Exclusive Zulutrade Promotions

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VIP Spreads 

All Starfish Zulutrade Accounts will be entitled to the tightest VIP spreads from now to 31st October 2013

Promotion Period: This is only applicable to Starfish Zulutrade Accounts with deposits before 31st July 2013

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