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The industry’s one and only – forex derivatives Auto Roller

Have you always been an M1 or M5 Forex derivatives trader? Would you like to diversify your investment portfolio to include the longer timeframes such as M15, M30 and H1 which tend to be more accurate and yield even higher returns? Then we have good news for you because the Starfish forex derivatives Auto Roller is now at your service.

Capturing Profits Just Got a lot Easier

The key concept of the Auto Roller is to allow traders to maximise the potential of trading longer timeframes which has greater accuracy and higher profit returns. Trend movements are usually identified with the aid of technical analysis which when performed on longer timeframes lead to more accurate forecasts with lesser false incitements.

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Auto Roller on M15

Auto Roller on M30

Profiting Through the Trend

Unfortunately, dedicating hours in front a computer is not a luxury everyone has. This is why the Auto Roller was created to do the work for you.

Since forex derivatives is all about directions, Take for example that an uptrend was identified for a certain period, there is highly likely to be more “up” candles than "down" candles. The Auto Roller will repeat your assigned “up” trade to capture as many of these profitable “up” candles throughout the entire trend, without you having to be at your computer. The Auto Roller can be used to capture these trending candles on shorter timeframes as well.

Additional Risk Management Features

Effective risk management tools popular in traditional trading are also at your disposal. You can set take profit and stop loss levels and be in full control of your investment!


In this case, the Auto Roller will repeat your assigned trade until your account balance goes above 11000 or fall below 9000. In other words, after you make a few profitable trades and your balance reaches 11050, the Auto Roller will stop assigning new trades and you will be notified with a system message.

Simply Upgrade and Start Immediately

The Auto Roller is an additional Feature to the award winning MT4 forex derivatives.
1) Uninstall your older version and Install this latest version
2) Start as per normal, click on the “automatic” Tab
3) Begin Auto-Rolling your way to greater profits


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Auto Roller on M5