IB Power Up

Answering the need for a better IB platform

A career as an IB can be extremely lucrative. With the ability to build a passive income stream that grows along with your clientele base, a successful IB can make substantial income round the clock. With no cap on the number of customers you can have, your income potential is virtually limitless.

However, like all things with great potential, being an IB is not without its difficulties. These are some of the hurdles you might have personally experienced before :

IB PowerUp Program

At Starfish, we constantly pursue the best for our clients, both traders and IBs. The industry’s first MT4 forex derivatives was developed in this regard, to provide the simplest, most transparent and secure platform by far, to help Starfish Traders excel profitability in Forex derivatives trading.

Now, we introduce yet another ground breaking first, the industry’s first and only IB PowerUp Program. Whether you are a brand new IB or an experienced leader with an existing customer network, the program was designed to streamline and enhance the way conduct your IB business for greater results.

Watch this introductory video and understand how the IB Power Up

Program boosts your efficiency and supercharges your income to the next level.


IB Success has never been this easy!

Imagine having your very own personal assistant who is well equipped with professional knowledge on the company and all existing platforms and products. Trained to aid you in all aspects including, managing your list of prospective clients, product introduction and platform demonstration, as well as administrative process such account registration, depositing funds and software installations.

Everything is taken care of so you can focus on what matters most, increasing your clientele base and enhance your income! This is what the IB PowerUp Program is all about, and is an exclusive privilege free to all Starfish IBs.

The evident choice for Aspiring IBs