Creating a New Future with
the New Era of Starfish IBs

Are you looking for consistent passive income?
Ever wished that you could work from anywhere and anytime?
Dreaming of achieving financial freedom?


The time has come to materialise your financial goals!

Start Your IB Career Now
Build Your Own Success

We do our best to ensure that all our IBs build a desired stream of steady passive income and enjoy the best possible privileges. We strongly believe in success coming to those who strive hard today. So start building now,
and let us guide you to reach higher heights together!

Triple Wave of Benefits

The new era of Starfish IBs begins with a highly achievable promotion criteria. Simply introduce clients to Starfish and attain a total group trading volume of 10,000 USD with a least 2 qualified active clients and you can begin earning commissions. It’s that simple! The greater the trading volumes generated by your clients, the greater the amount of commissions you will amass. Earn up to 1.58% for every trade made, perpetually. Begin building your endless stream of wealth today.

You will be further rewarded in helping your clients become IBs as well. Stand to receive 10% of their total IB income generated! This also means that you will stand to benefit from the clients of your clients as well.

Expanded Product Offerings

With our latest forex derivatives products, amongst the huge array of existing indices, metals and commodity derivatives, you will be able to conquer new markets and expand your clientele base, accelerating your pathway in becoming a successful IB.

Minimum Trade From Just 10 USD

With such low barriers to entry, virtually anyone can be your client! With uncompromised yield and lower quantum per trade, your clients can manage their risk and rewards even more efficiently now.

20% Trading Volume Enhancer

With additional 20% given for all derivatives products traded, it simply means it will be even easier to attain IB promotion and there will be higher commissions earned on every single trade.

We are here to provide a system that is both rewarding an attainable. With the accelerated effects of all the on-going promotions, the MIB income booster will be the icing on the cake.

For every 1000 USD you make, we will top it off with another 200 USD. The earlier you attain MIB status, the earlier this income reward kicks in. There is no limit to the bonus. Yes, you heard it right.


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Open the Doors of Success — Be an IB Today


During the event period, you can log into the Member Center to submit your application to become an IB.
Should you have any questions or require more information, please feel free to contact us:

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