The Global Banking & Finance Review 2015

global banking

Starfish FX bags 3 major awards including the prestigious title of “Best forex derivatives Broker Asia 2015” at this year’s Global Banking & Finance Awards.

1) Best forex derivatives Broker Asia 2015

Succeeding our previous title of “Most innovative Forex derivatives broker” in 2014, the ground breaking Starfish MT4 Forex derivatives has proven itself to be the most popular retail Forex derivatives platform in the Asian regions, rising far ahead of competition in just the short span of a year.

2) Best Trading Platform Asia 2015

Winning this honourable title for the 3rd consecutive year, Starfish FX’s consistent strive for excellence has once again been recognized. With 30 fantastic reasons to trade with Starfish, from value added resource portals to world class execution and liquidity, Starfish provides you the ideal trading environment.

3) Best Forex Customer Service Broker China 2015

With instant live chat and technical support, round the clock personalized IB account manager services and more than 90 educational seminars and workshops in China every month, Starfish FX’s extensive range of localized services brings customer service to a whole new level.