Starfish FX joins the Financial Commission


Financial Commission Announces StarfishFX as Latest Member Firm

21 April 2016 – Hong Kong & New York: FinaCom PLC, operator of, a neutral mediator serving the online foreign exchange and Forex derivatives industry, announces today its newest member firm Starfish Markets Limited (Starfish FX).

Starfish FX is managed by Starfish Markets Ltd. – an online brokerage firm that provides FX, CFD and Forex derivatives trading,with its main office in New Zealand and licensed under the laws of Vanuatu.

It is the latest member to engage the services of the Financial Commission to provide its customers with a neutral 3rd party mediator to help resolve complaints in cases of disputes where customers are unable to come to an agreement with their broker.

Following the approval of its application by the FinaCom PLC’s board, Starfish FX’s status as an official member of the Financial Commission took effect on April 19th, 2016.

Financial Commission Chairman Peter Tatarnikov commented, “We are proud to welcome Starfish FX as our newest member and glad to see more brokers joining the Financial Commission. In addition to obtaining any existing regulatory licenses, it has become increasingly important for providers to demonstrate their participation with industry associations and commitment to self-regulatory efforts, such as by becoming a member with Financial Commission.”

StarfishFX Chief Marketing Officer Michael Townsend commented, “We offer a number of products that we want to continue to build clients’ trust around and we believe that by joining the Financial Commission, we show customers our level of commitment in helping to ensure they receive fair treatment from us by having a third-party that they can go to if any disputes arise that we are unable to resolve.”

Mr. Townsend added, “As people explore foreign exchange trading for the first time, we believe that providing them with additional options and education can only be a benefit, and we believe this step we have undertaken helps meet that objective in addition to what we have already established internally at StarfishFX.”

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