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Introduction to Trading Central

Trading Central is an independent premium market research service offered free to Starfish Traders. Established in Paris in 1999, the research house is a leader in the field of Technical Analysis and is one of the most awarded team of technical analyst internationally with 10 award nominations since 2009. With 16 years of track record, more than 3000 articles per day and over a million users, Trading Central is the most widely distributed Technical Analysis feed in the world. By combining a chartist approach to assess directional moves and price targets with mathematical indicators, this unique methodology is managed by a team of portfolio management and trading experts to deliver complex content in a format that is both easy-to-read and to implement with clear levels and directional scenarios that can be used to execute trading strategies.

Note : The publication of Trading Central is a marketing communication and does not constitute investment advice or research. Its content represents the general views of Trading Central’s experts and do not consider individual readers’ personal circumstances, investment experience, or current financial situation. Readers should consider the possibility that they may incur losses. Therefore, Starfish Markets Limited is not liable for any losses incurred due to the use of its Analytics.

Trading Central Services

1. Adaptive Indicators This is an exclusive service to our VIP and Premium Account holders. Receive real time LONG/SHORT signals direct on your MT4 charts with detailed candlestick information to enhance the accuracy of your traders.
2. TradeAid Indicator Yet another exclusive service to our VIP and Premium Account holders, TradeAid is a powerful indicator that does technical analysis for you direct in the MT4 complete with support and resistance levels, pivot points as well as trade preferences and comments.
3. Daily Technical Brief The Technical Brief is a newsletter signup that anyone can subscribe for free to receive daily analysis of 8 popular instruments direct to your email.
4. Research Portal The Research Portal requires you to be a current Starfish Account Holder. Upon activation you will be able to log in to our online research portal the provides in depth analysis of 25 major trading instruments with notifications throughout the day.
5. Wall Street TV Bringing the New York financial press direct to you with the latest financial markets news and commentaries on global equity markets, Forex and commodities.

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