ECN Accounts

Tight spreads provide for undeniable trading advantage that is only made possible by robust execution ability. Direct access to top tier financial institutions provides for the prime liquidity that is made available to all our valued clients. As a ECN broker, Starfish empowers traders with real time executable transparent pricing coupled with instant trade execution absent of re-quotes. In addition, we offer zero pips freeze and stop level allowing you to take advantage of the market movements to modify your decisions with no limitations, an industry first, one that would give you an immense edge in trading profitability.

We understand the frustrations of many traders not able to get into the market due to re-quotes! And that is very frustrating, especially when you have anticipated but missed the ride!

Isn’t this the most frustrating thing that you want to see when you want to enter a trade? :

When the news release is out and the market starts to move, you try to enter the trade but all you see is Re-quote and more Re-QUOTES! And there is nothing you can do but see your opportunity slip away…We promise to help our customers get into trades with no re-quotes and instant execution so they do not miss out good trading opportunities. We have No Dealing Desk, and what you see is what you get, and that is how we keep our clients happy and our constant growing customers base.

Also, we have built strong relationships with various global Tier 1 banks, thus allowing our ECN accounts to enjoy true interbank liquidity, with spreads as low as 0.8 pips!

Our No-Requotes trading and interbank liquidity are available to our ECN accounts, to understand more about opening an ECN account, do contact us for more information!

Alex R, Canada

I have been trading for last 2 to 3 years and come across many invalid prices and re-quote problems with my broker that sometimes gives me a heart attack, but Starfish changed all these. Yes! I am now a happier trader.

Marion, Dubai

I don’t have much success story to tell yet..but I have traded news with much difficulties with other brokers and Starfish always brings me into the trades that I want.

Bill.Z, British Columbia

I have been with Starfish for awhile now. When they started I was very sceptical and funded in a small amount to try it out. Well their no requote policy seems very tempting, now my trades are more fluid and I have been withdrawing funds monthly from Starfish!

Ken.Barry, Hong Kong

I hope you will stick to your No Re-Quote policy Starfish! I am more focus on my trading now thanks to no requotes! And you are the best broker that I ever had Keep It UP!

Manoj B, Chennai, India

I am not a trader that likes to use buy and sell stop and I often lose out a lot of trades due to re quotes and invalid prices due to the fast movement in prices and I end up wasting a lot of time and energy waiting for trades that brokers will keep me out in the end…until I tried Starfish. With Starfish I am able to execute my trades instantly! Thank you Starfish!