Experience Trading with Nothing to Lose.

What if you could fully focus on trading without having to worry about losing a single cent? Imagine if we eradicated all fears of losing so you only concentrate on performing.

Statistical research and studies show that trade performance on demo accounts are usually better as compared to live accounts because trading on demo allows you to execute your strategies as planned knowing you have nothing to lose!

Now, trading without losses is made possible with Starfish FX.

TradeShield – A Starfish Initiative

Our conviction to providing the most desirable trading platform has led us to offer this unique program. With TradeShield, you can now insure up to 100% of your deposit for FREE! In the event of losses, Starfish FX pays you back the money!

How TradeShield Works?

There are no frills or gimmicks here, how this program works is really simple:

1. Every lot you trade generates revenue from spreads for Starfish FX.
2. Based on the percentage of deposit you wish to insure, a trading requirement is given.
3. A portion of the revenue generated from trading is then thrown back to cover your entire deposit in the event of a  loss.

There are NO extra charges or increased spreads in offering this program.

This promotion has ended.